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1952 Allstate Motor Scooter Maintenance Manual (788.100 series). 30something pages coming!!

Rider Magazine article on SideStrider's Griffith Park Sidecar Rally

Scooter Sidecars Survive the Test of Time article from ScooterWorld magazine

Coming soon:
1952 Vespa Allstate service manual
More info, pics, and literature on other bikes

These are my other [current] Vespas. I've had several others, but time, money, and the fear of being sent to sleep with the dogs, have forced me to dwindle it down to these.

1959 Vespa Allstate 125 with sidecar.

Check it out in action here in a Quizno's commercial (mpg file).
Original, all metal 1957 Sears Allstate sidecar with the hinged fender. The bike has all period accessories and an 4-speed 150cc instead of the original 3-speed 125cc. It also has a Vespa front end instead of the Allstate one. I got tired of bottoming-out every time I used the front brakes and it does save the front of the sidecar a great deal!
Top speed is about 50ish-mph, crusing speed at a comfortable 40ish-mph. I've had this bike since early 1997 and the sidecar came about a year later.

1964 Vespa GL150.
That's Kirstie Alley on my bike during a promo that Vespa did when they were promoting the ET series bikes in the U.S. She looked just incredible!
Right below is the same bike in a fashion photo shoot.

1953 Vespa Allstate 125
("The Grunge").

This bike was to be restored and another sidecar attached to it (or the one in the blue bike moved to this), but, as I'm sure I mentioned in other areas, I have too many bikes and projects and not enough space/money for all of them so, with a heavy heart, I must let this bike go and it's currently for sale.
Click here for all the details on this bike.

2001 Vespa ET2. Your standard, run of the mill ET2 in silver (do you really want a picture?). We bought it in 2001, one of the first to sell in the Sherman Oaks boutique. When this page was put up (October 2005), it had raked up a total of about 150 miles since new. I try, but just not enough time to ride.