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November 2010

Reducing the collection.
Finishing bodywork on LOLA and starting painting in a couple of weeks!
Working on the Travelall.

Los Angeles

Hey. Welcome to VespaApe.Com.
Yes, you guessed right - this site is about the Piaggio (Vespa) Ape primarily, but mostly about vehicles that I, somehow, manage to spend my money on without getting thrown out of the house (thanks, B!).

The site is on eternal revamp, so bear with me as I'm constantly adding new stuff.
I love collecting vintage manuals so I'm always on the hunt for original literature and manuals for all sorts of odd vehicles. If you're looking for something in particular, let me know. I can probably help you find that rare bit of information you need for your restoration.
A few weeks ago, in cleaning the garage, I found a few boxes of complete year collections of Foreign Auto, with tons of VW stuff from the early 50s to mid 60s and have also acquired more literature for the Ape, including some books, ads, and other odds and ends, which will be posted as time permits. I've received a few requests for the Ape manuals and parts (and have sent a few out), but if I've not got to you, I'm sorry, I will finish scanning all of those and make them available for download here. In the meantime, my good friend Stefano (apevintage.com) has some cool stuff online already. I have B and C type parts manuals, some Pentaro, and other stuff. All that online soon. If you cannot wait, drop me a line and I'll do my best (which has been lacking) in getting them to you.
I'm also trying to catch up on the Multipla literature, so check back often but if you need something in a bind, let me know and I'll get that to you as well.
On the projects side, I'm finishing up the 23-window VV microbus (Lola) and have moved on from the Ape and the Multipla. Continue working on the 1968 Travelall (engine's out right now undergoing a full restoration) and really trimming the collection as much as possible. It turns out I can't ride 20 bikes at once, go figure. After going to see Lola a few days ago, I was bit with the bug for a bug (vw, that is) and Johnny put on my head the thought of either a split or oval... sigh... we'll see. Look around, let me know if I can help with your restoration. :)