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1966 VW Bug Sunroof

I hate impulse buying. But, alas, here it is. Another purchase. Dang. I really hoped it wouldn't be so much of a project, but it is. I have this Berg 1776cc engine sitting in storage which I've been dying to put into something, so my plan was to buy a bug, pop it in and drive. Well, not quite as it turns out. It does not have an engine nor a rear engine lid, very slight damage on the passenger door, but will need to be fixed. I have a door for it and I'm looking for a 66 deck lid. It tows nicely and the suspension feels good. I suspect the whole thing will need to be gone over (electrical, brakes, etc.), just to make sure, but it's got potential.

My family had a bug just like this when I was growing up. Same color, same year so I always had this idea of getting one in the same color. Now I have it, but I must say I'm not sure it was the right time. Well, whatever, it's there, so now I have to figure out what do about it. That's impulse buying for you. Interested in a project bug? :)

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By the way, this is the Berg engine I was hoping to put in.